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We owned a home for 30 years with the thought that one day we would sell for the right reason. That time had come when my business became a burden and our neighborhood was no longer a place we felt we belonged to. The need to let go and follow our dream became our new passion and having a knowledgable guide through the process was required. There are many who know a way but having the guide that understands his clients and their needs is paramount. Bob Georgiou is that guide for us and with his knowledge and resources we were able to take on the task of preparing our home, dealing with the trials & successfully selling our home at the price we were dedicated to. Every home is unique and ours was a unique one to say the least and we miss it but knew there was a buyer out there that would find the gem we were offering. Bob made the right calls, assisted us and was extremely patient and helpful at the right time with every direction we needed to follow to make the sale of our home successful. There were many issues that came up during the process and Bob was there for us with all the right questions and answers. With our success we became true believers in our choice of working with Bob Georgiou and what he brought to the game. Selling real estate is definitely a game so have the best player you can on your side because if you go into player mode without a guide don’t be surprised at the outcome!

- Slider S., Martinez, CA

I got a new job on the East Coast and had to sell my place as soon as possible. Bob was amazing and to make a long story short, sold my place and closed the deal and had the money in hand in about 30 days from when I gave Bob the green light to sell my place. Bob was great to work with and did an amazing job. I very strongly recommend Bob, he is simply the best! Thank you Bob!!!

- John K., Concord, CA

Where do I begin and how will you ever believe me when I tell you how amazing Bob is? The only way is to hire him as your agent.. now!!! Look no further, you found the perfect agent in Bob; I promise you! I found Bob one day as I was touring open houses. I had an agent who was not up to par for lack of beter words. I was upset because my previous agent didn’t work for me. Bob is a name that is well known in the Real Estate world. He is known to have a great reputation and know I understand why. This is why Bob is different. He works for you. Yes, he actually promotes your home, conducts open houses and gets your home Sold! He has this amazing ability to make you feel like you’re his only client; I have no idea how he does it. He makes sure that your home is properly staged and presented well. His photos of your home are professional and look incredible. I could sing praises about him all day. To top it off, he has a great personality ;very likeable! Bottom line is – Bob did what he had to do to make my dream a reality. He was relentless and he did what he needed to do to make sure I got the home of my dreams. I know that he went way above and beyond what any agent out there would have done and for that, I cannot thank him enough. His motto should be, “Call Bob Georgiou if you want your dreams to come true”!!!. Call him…now. Take my word, the only regret you will have is not calling him sooner.

- V. M., Pleasanton, CA

I recently decided to sell my home, a home I built myself with great care, knowing that there were special challenges to get it’s real value in a neighborhood with less expensive homes of the same size. So in looking for an agent to handle this special sale, I visited quite a few open houses where homes were being offered at above-standard-price for their neighborhoods. Although I posed as a buyer, I was shopping for an agent, not a house. I watched how Bob sold to other potential customers, and thought that his approach left potential buyers at ease, un-rushed, and informed. I asked him (and the agents at the other homes I visited) why the house he was selling was so much more expensive than others in the area. Bob was prepared with straightforward information about the reasons that this house could command a higher price, some things obvious to see, other things that a potential buyer might easily miss. With some of the other agents it was clear that they knew sales techniques, but had no real sense of the property they were selling. I chose Bob to represent me because of his command of the specific information about the property he was selling; he had studied the property, not just sales techniques. When we started discussing my home, I did not suggest a price, but asked his opinion. I knew the price of similar-sized homes in my neighborhood. Bob said that if the home were staged, appraised, and sold appropriately, it could bring in nearly $100K more than other homes in the vicinity. He backed up his confidence in his ability to sell at this price by structuring his contract with me in such a way that he wouldn’t make any money himself unless the home sold for top dollar. Other agents had told me that the house should sell for no less than $75K lower, and that I had no chance to sell at the price Bob suggested; they said that I would lose money because the house would languish in the market. Bob worked with me in preparing the house for sale, making many useful suggestions for staging the house appropriately. I did not agree with all of his ideas, but he allowed me to pick and choose from his list of suggestions. When the house was ready to sell, it sold in less than 10 days above asking price with multiple cash offers. Bob handled all aspects of the transaction with intelligence, integrity, and skill. I would use him again in an instant, and recommend him to anyone who wants to maximize the value of their home. Meet him, see him in action, and decide for yourself.

- Timothy E., Concord, CA

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